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SEO Training – Finding Good Press Release Sites

How to Find Good Press Release Sites There are many free press release sites and when ...

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SEO Training – Spotting Fake Pagerank

FAKE PAGE RANK When building backlinks from web directories it is important to aim for high ...

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SEO Training – Finding Good Web Directories

Finding Good Quality Web Directories As with finding article directories, a good starting place is a ...

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SEO Training – Finding Good Article Directories

Choosing High Quality Article Directories As previously discusssed, you should only backlink from high quality sites. ...

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SEO Training – What is Google Pagerank

Understanding Pagerank Pagerank is described as, the metric value given to a site to indicate its ...

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SEO Training – What Are Dofollow Links

Wait, What About Dofollow Links? Good for you, you noticed I have not even talked about ...

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SEO Training – Pros and Cons of Backlinks

The Pros and Cons of Different Backlinks We have looked over the backlinking types and examined ...

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SEO Training – Types of Backlinks

As you are reading this, you are probably aware of the important role backlinks play in ...

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SEO Tips – Huge Traffic Boost

Take a quick look at your current SEO strategy, now turn your head to the strategy ...

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SEO Infographic – Black Hat Monsters of SEO

A few days ago I posted a colourful SEO infographic that was designed to outline a few ...

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SEO Tips - Smuggecko

SEO Tips and Help

This SEO blog has been created to give search engine optimization advice, primarily aimed at helping SEO beginners with simple and easy to follow SEO tips and SEO help. After-all, climbing to the top of the Google rankings is not easy. We all need all the SEO help and SEO advice we can get. A number of key SEO topics are covered in this blog. Including:

Building backlinks is not an easy task. Not only are high quality backlinks not easy to find, you also have to contend with competition trying to get the same dofollow backlinks. With this in mind we will be offering up information on: types of backlinks, dofollow or nofollow backlinks, how backlinking helps your site, building traffic with backlinks and of course, how to find backlinks.

Social marketing is currently at an all time high with no real end insight. Infact sites like Pinterest are exploding with new users and new SEO possibilities. This SEO tips blog will help you stay up to date with the latest SEO tips and tricks for social marketing.

ON page SEO is another essential SEO tool and when coupled with great niche backlinks, you can expect to see some good Google rankings for your niche related keywords. Although before you can master on-page SEO techniques, you need to learn the basics. This SEO blog will show you many internet marketing tips and tricks that will help you build great on-page SEO. Covering crucial topics: how to use keywords, how to right meta tags, keyword use in titles and tags, page layout, internal SEO linking and many more.

SEO tools are a useful thing to have in your SEO toolbox. But which ones are right for you? This internet marketing blog will offer up SEO tool reviews that can help you pick a choose the right tool for the job.

Internet market research is by far the most over looked aspect of search engine optimization, especially among those new to SEO. This search engine optimization blog can help you target the most appropriate keywords for your niche. Ensuring you dont miss out on vital traffic.

Some Quick SEO Resources

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